1.5 – Is Now LIVE!

1.5 – Is Now LIVE!

Updates are usually pretty uneventful, however, the iOS 12 update was anything but that. Instead, some very subtle changes to things under the covers created a problem, which was causing the app to crash… suddenly and without warning. In fact, as of this writing, Apple has an update of their own and have moved past iOS 12 to an even newer version; you are going to want that. And now that the update is available, you can expect things to work the way are supposed to, once you pick up the update on your device and update your Operating System (iOS).

And one final announcement: We now have a dedicated posting Board for you to report issues and ask questions –> Here

How Can I Help? Now, it can be very frustrating when software doesn’t work like it is supposed to and someone gave us a one-star rating on iTunes. We understand how frustrating it can be to be in a situation where you feel that you are not being heard and have nowhere to turn for help. However, most people do not realize how bad that can be for us when the only news you hear is bad. In any case, we have not previously solicited reviews but this requires some sort of action and we cannot do that without your help. This matters because bad reviews are counterproductive as they hurt you by removing any incentive to spend time supporting and improving the software. In our experience, we don’t believe that this adequately represents the quality of Enticio Write or your experience with it, so we are asking our users to add a review of your own and together, we can do better than one star. Personally, I like five stars but that’s just me! Thank you.

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