Welcome To What’s Next

Welcome To What’s Next

Welcome to the first Enticio™ Write post! This is an exciting time for us, an inflection point; years from now, we may look back on this moment and think, "Yeah, that was a thing." There was a time when people seemed to communicate more deeply than we do today, empires were built and the world was shaped based on those communications; in a world where a single word could move mountains, every nuance was important and written communication was something to be revered or cherished. These days... not so much. In fact, it is my view that much of the interpersonal communication in the digital age has been trivialized, sacrificed in the name of convenience and expediency; and what does that say about us? To be honest, most daily communication simply does not rise to the level of importance that warrants a written letter; there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a quickly-scribbled note is all you need. And then there are all your friends and that "inner circle" reserved only for your closest confidants - the people you tell your secrets to. Those conversations can be serious and personal; so, maybe a one-size-fits-all solution no longer works in the age of modern technology. If a tweet is appropriate when you need less, what about when you need more? The irony is that in a world where we communicate more than ever, we seem to say less and less, opting for quantity and convenience over quality, sincerity and meaning.

I created Enticio™ Write as a way to offer something new; the missing piece that makes possible, a way to communicate that empowers everyone and enriches the lives of both the reader and the writer. I created a way to leverage cutting-edge technologies that goes way beyond what email and traditional keyboard communication can do. Some people might ask, "Why now?" I think it's more an issue of timing and maturity in that it took this long for technology to evolve far enough to make this possible. For all of our progress, the great irony is that some of the world's oldest writing was done with a stylus and a tablet. I suspect that after almost three-thousand years, the story doesn't end here. And whether it's Lascaux cave, an anniversary poem or your child's latest refrigerator masterpiece, writing will be with us for a long time to come.

Samuel Provencher

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