Welcome to the Handwritten Email Revolution

Reimagining Mankind's Greatest Invention™


Imagine being able to say what you want to say, the way you want to say it in an app that was designed to help you enrich your relationships with the people you care about.

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Designed for people who think most apps are just too hard and complex to learn, this is the app that you already know how to use. Learn at your own pace through exploration.

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One of the things that makes life worthwhile is the connections we make with others. A handwritten letter is the next best thing besides physically being there.

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This time, it’s Personal.

People love to communicate; we are social, creative and expressive creatures. It gives us great pleasure to be able to share with you, our vision for what comes next. Enticio Write™ was born out of the belief that communication and connection lies at the heart of who we are and that technology serves us best, when it quietly disappears into our lives.

The Enticio Write™ experience does all of this and more. Some might simply call it a writing app or a drawing program; the truth is that it is unlike anything you have ever seen. Apart from being simple to use, it will stimulate your creativity and amplify your talents, while giving you the ability to communicate through writing. By giving each of us a better way to be more expressive and connected, we become better, happier versions of ourselves.

You Are More Than Just Words™

Where email is just information, HandiMail™ is about emotion and connection. When you take a handwritten letter that distinguishes you from over seven billion people on the planet and turn it into something that anyone could have written, what got lost? It is obvious that something got thrown away in the process; some might say that email and texting has no “soul,” no “emotion;” after all, isn’t that why we have emojiis? If you have ever struggled with the difference between what you type and what you want to say, you have felt it too. We don’t fit in a box; we sometimes think emotion and feel color; we think and feel in ways, for which, there are no words. A human being is more than a tiny cartoon and you are more than what can be found in the character set of a keyboard. We can do better and Enticio™ Write unlocks those extra dimensions of expression for you. When you send a Handimail™, people will recognize you in your writing and readers will feel your presence, captured with every stroke of the pen. 


 Keyboards restrict you to a fixed character set, making your typing much easier to process with automated computer systems. Using a stylus expands the “search space” to infinity, making it much harder to process what you write. More importantly, it becomes harder to understand what you write.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private conversation without someone looking over your shoulder, reading everything you write? Enticio™ Write does not send your information to a data center for additional processing; everything is locally and privately.

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With the ability to create infinite amounts of custom stationery that you can use for your letters and postcards, you will never run out of wonderful and beautiful things you can create and share with others. It doesn’t matter if you write or just draw pictures, it’ll be awesome!

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When someone gets a HandiMail™, you are letting them know that they are important to you. You are giving them a gift of your time and attention. Of course, they are going to want to know how did you did it but you don’t have to tell them just how much fun you had doing it.

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Your Stories

Here are some of the things you are telling us:

I wrote a letter to my sister and the first thing she said was “I haven’t seen your writing in ages”. It made me feel so good that I was able to give her something so personal.


Enticio Write is a game changer!
I had no idea when I first sat down to try Enticio Write on my iPad, that it would have such a profoundly positive impact on my personal communications. 


I LOVE this app. I love how I can now send personalized HandiMails. I also use it to create unique content for my @weeklybookreflections Instagram account.


What if you could Write a Letter at the Speed of Email?

When did convenience become more important than what we wanted to say? With Enticio™ Write, we took all the best things about writing a real handwritten letter and combined it with the speed and convenience of email. Then we added a few more fun, creative ways to amaze others and ended up creating something brilliant and new. Never before has so much expressiveness been this easy for just about everyone!



For most people, finding effective ways to express themselves can be a challenge since developing a new skill takes a long time and does not guarantee improvement. If you want people to understand you and for your ideas to have impact… write it. You know that being understood is directly related to your ability to effectively express yourself; how do you do that?

Enticio™ Write makes it easy to use skills that you already have, to release that potential. This is about becoming a more expressive version of yourself, a chance to do a better job of getting what is on the inside, on the outside, where you can share it with others. That is powerful.



For Enticio™ Write, we created a new approach to software design, a new way to think about software that celebrates the beauty of simplicity, the inherent efficiency of great design and our natural gift for learning through play. Instead of being a terse, inscrutable thing that you have to study, it works as you expect and when you are not sure, you can just make a guess and learn as you go. You will be rewarded through exploration and play.



We live in an incredible age of instantaneous, always-on communication, where making a connection has never been easier. However, convenience is not the same as quality and with all the technology at our fingertips, people are only just now beginning to question the quality of some of those “so called” connections.

We believe that developing high-quality personal relationships means building deep connections to others that make up the support network for your life. And by providing a more fulfilling way to communicate with others, Enticio™ Write helps develop and strengthen these threads that make up that social fabric.



Businesses love typed documents because they are easy for computers to process automatically. And for entire categories of communication, less emotional content is probably a good thing. However, that makes no sense when you want to write a personal letter to a friend. After thirty-five or more years of indoctrination, one size does not fit all any more and there is no reason that typed text should always be the goal.

The assumption is that you always want others to know what you wrote; if you don’t, hiding in plain sight is quite easy when you use a stylus. You might start by combining languages or  with “pig latin”, and move on to Klingon or Elvish; others may prefer a simple book cipher. You can have any level of security you want simply by using any of the well-understood, time-tested methods.

Another way to look at it is that handwriting is your brain encoding your thoughts and ideas as a series of strokes that we learn to recognize as characters and symbols. It also captures, how fast you write, how hard you push, along with other factors. As such, it requires another human brain to turn that handwriting back into conceptual thought and presence. The more human you make it, the harder it is for the computer to make sense of it. If you wonder about that, consider how often it is that humans can’t understand what other humans are trying to say and how often we are trained in technologies and methods, for no other reason than to make it easier for the computers to process.

The next time you decide to send an email, you have to ask yourself, “am I writing a letter or is it just data entry.”



Unlike generic A.I. systems that need complex training and process your writing by sending it to data center somewhere, the Unioness™ Engine at the heart of the software, is a purpose-built engine designed to work right in the tablet, in real time. It works because it can follow your actions as you write and make judgements based on language heuristics, temporal information and dimensional geometry. This is important because, since the Unioness™ Engine works with the mathematics of what things look like, it does not need to understand what you are writing about; this keeps things more private. And since math transcends language, it works in any written language you choose.



There are three basic ways that all people communicate: verbally, through gesture and graphically; this includes writing. You do not need to be a graphic artist to communicate graphically and inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. One of the core design principles for Enticio™ Write was that it had to be fun because when you are enjoying yourself, you relax, your barriers come down and your creativity flows.
Take a tip from professional writers who often prefer to rely on lined paper; typed emails and tweets are rarely a good starting place for creative expression, Enticio™ Write is built for you to have a richer and more satisfying experience. Emojii are not much more than a recognition of the inherent limitations as we try to find the perfect cartoon to show everyone who we are or how we feel. Like lightning in a bottle, we encourage you to experience the freedom to capture your joy in your writing because that joy will come back on the other side when someone receives the HandiMail™ you sent. There is no better way to make it about the two of you an the connection you share.



Personal communication is complex, full of nuance and subtlety and email is a poor substitute; it’s often a struggle just to avoid being misunderstood. We instinctively, understand that a handwritten letter is the next best thing to physically being there, there’s a presence that cannot be denied.

A HandiMail™ can be chaotic and edgy or as delicate a personal whisper, only for you, a moment frozen in time. It’s an indelible gift that you have created specifically for someone and they can keep it forever. If you want, it can be printed and physically preserved so that when you pick it up, it works like a bookmark in your life, part of your personal history. The best part is that magical moment when the emotion and feeling come back and wash over you. The emotional reaction is powerful sometimes unexpected; it takes more than just technology to do this.