Multi-Page Letters

I spend a lot of time talking about writing letters, however, Enticio Write is designed to let us be less rigid about different types of communication than that. This is why Handimail is not just email, it could just as well be a postcard or greeting card type of thing… it all works. However, the opposite is also true that sometimes you might need more than one page for your letter.

The good news is that you already have everything you need to do that today. We do not like complexity in the design of Enticio Write, so we do not want to reinvent the wheel by creating yet another way to do something that you already know how to do. We will be able to send a multi-page letter by combining Enticio Write with capability that your iPad already has!

So, take as many pieces of “paper” as you need to write the the individual pages of your letter. For each page, go to the “envelope” view (where you add the addresses), and use the button at the top (center) that saves your letter to your Photos, without sending any email. When you are done, go into your Photos and select all the pages and send them out as a single letter.

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