Big Changes

One of the reasons for not sending out a lot of emails is that our time has been spent working on something big; something new. It is so big and so new that it started before Enticio Write was not much more than an idea, a belief in a different type of future for us all and it has taken years to bring it into the open. And I can tell you that this is not about more software; Enticio Write is not about cramming a bunch of features that no one needs and no one asked for. It is about providing the right tool for the job; if you need it do more, maybe that is a different tool.

There is going to be a new sister site called which will be a retail store for some new things we have been working on. This site ( will remain as a separate location for software-related things, but the focus will be in getting this new effort off the ground, that is the best way to ensure that we can continue to invest time and effort into this software. And in so doing, the hope is that the effort will also be promoting the software, to get it in the hands of more people in the years to come.

How can you help? Good question. The time frame for the launch will be around May of this year (2020) and will continue to build the Enticio brand. You can expect to see a whole new retail site that will be making available, new products we have been designing in keeping with the simple ethics of all things Enticio. The irony is that with everything that is going on around the world, there may never be a better time for something like this. So, you can help us with the launch by telling everyone you know; for that matter, if you want to tell people you don’t know, that’s okay too. Let’s get the word out that the time too join the Enticio revolution is almost upon us.

As always, be well – be happy. Thanks.

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