Creating a HandiBanner™or HandiPaper™

This page is for people who probably already own the app and would like some additional resources related to creating custom stationery. Also, artists are encouraged to get involved to create HandiBanners and HandiPapers to promote their work and are allowed to offer items for sale.


A banner runs from left edge to the right edge, along the top of the page and “hangs” down. 



The paper covers the entire page but may also have transparent sections that allow the paper color to show through.


Artists & Creators

HandiBanners and HandiPaper can be created by anyone, however, Artists are encouraged to get involved.


Become a Banner Artist Today!

Seeing is Believing

This video will give you a good idea of what you can do with Stationery and why you would want to be able to create custom Stationery for Enticio™ Write.

HandiBanner™ and HandiPaper™
Artist Specifications

The specs for these images are simple, on purpose. This is to allow users with basic skills create their own banners and papers, while skilled artists will be able to use the same guidelines and flex their considerable abilities to create masterful and beautiful pieces; after all, you are the pros.
Such a skilled individual will be able to create a banner in minutes, however, artists are encouraged to create superior works that will promote their skill. The above mentioned trademarks are free to be used to promote banner artwork provided that it conforms to the specifications given below. The use of the trademarks for any other purpose is expressly disallowed.
Additionally, artists that wish to create bundles of banners and papers for sale are explicitly granted the use of the trademarks for the purpose of describing suitability and adherence to the guidelines and are encouraged to do so with the proviso that the images are guaranteed to work seamlessly in Enticio™ Write. Artists may contact us for promotion on this site.

The following requirement for HandiBanner™ or HandiPaper™ is to make achievable, the following goal. Someone running Enticio™ Write must be able to select an image from their Photo Library and have the software scale, resample and position the image with no extra input from the user. If your image doesn’t achieve this goal of the workflow, it is non-compliant since compliance is measured by the experience and not by image dimensions.


HandiBanners have a range of acceptable widths. Horizontally, 1024 to 2048 pixels tends to be a good rule of thumb with a height that varies from around 200 to 250 on the thin end and extending all the way down the length of the page with an extended length of 2732 pixels for the 12.9 inch model. 
Note that providing extra resolution will be dropped by the app as it will scale the image to fit horizontally and across the top of the screen. The image will be resampled to maintain a certail acceptable balance of performance and appearance. The downloadable image format should be png as a HandiBanner™ can have alpha blends throughout. Such image blending will interact with the user’s chosen paper color to great effect when the banner is not a simple rectangle. 


HandiPaper™ is where the artist is taking complete control of things and may allow some bits of the paper color to peek through to create some interesting effects. The sizing of the paper is the same as for banners but the image runs down the length of the screen and off the bottom. As mentioned previously, the length can be 2732 for the 12.9 inch with the iPad’s standard aspect ratio.