The Unioness™ Engine


Because the engine does not need character codes from a keyboard, what you write is inherently more secure.


Because Unioness™ is based on geometry and language heuristics, just about any langage will work.


As you write, Undo is tightly integrated into your workflow to give you an unprecedented amount of freedom and what you write can even be selected and dragged around.

The Patented Over-Achiever

It took an incredible amount of work, but we invented a unique, proprietary processing engine to serve as the heart and soul of Enticio Write™. From the moment your finger or stylus touches the surface, the Unioness™ Engine is hard at work, capturing and processing your strokes. But it is more than just a series of strokes, the engine captures and represents you in visual form, helping to bring out the beauty in your ideas; and yet, it will feel like you. People who know you, will recognize your essence on the page and people who do not yet know you, will learn about you in ways, for which, there are no words. And we did all this, because everyone else was going in a different direction and we all needed a better way. We needed something fresh and new, something that would let you experience the fun and expressive freedom that comes every time you use
Enticio Write™.

Watch the Video.

This video covers the Unioness Engine and has examples that will help you understand what it is all about. Have fun!