Frequently Asked Questions

Software Support?

Software support for Enticio Write™ is provided publicly, through this website in the form of moderated blog posts and there are specific posts that announce and describe software version releases. iTunes shows you when there is a software update available and we will have a blog post here when there is a new release so that we can provide more information than Apple usually allows. Logged-in users can post questions there, get support and creating posts to adds to the conversation.

Software Version Number?

On the “Writing Desk” screen, the bottom left button with the ‘i’ in the circle, tapping it shows you the “information” screen.  The version is a number right above the text near the bottom inside the square brackets like this –> [1.5.1].

Who can receive HandiMail?

Anyone with a valid email address can receive a HandiMail™, no special software is needed and the email software you already own should work just fine. Essentially, we use the email as a simple envelope with a delivery address to deliver the contents of the image, just like a real letter.

Can I save my Stationery to be used later?

Sometimes, we like to use the same stationery for every letter and Enticio Write™ will remember all of your stationary settings and reapply them the next time you “pull” a fresh piece of paper. However, Enticio Write™ doesn’t track things that lie outside of the program as they can disappear at any time, which could make things brake. For those times that you want to include photos and anything else you might write, create your stationary just the way you want it and go to the Mailbox and save it to your Photos, instead of sending it somewhere and you are done! If you do that, whenever you want that stationary again, you can simply pull in the entire setup as your photo, with everything already in place.

Can I send a multi-page letter?

Enticio™ Write only gives you a single piece of paper for a letter, which keeps things simple for most people. However, there is an easy way to send multiple pages if you want to do it; just save each page individually into your Photo Library on your device and from there, select and sent them all together. We do not build that functionality into the app since most people only send single-page letters and for the small number of people who occasionally need that capability, it is already built into iOS. There is a blog post that talks about this as well. 

Sometimes, touches don’t seem to do anything.

Touch surfaces have a difficult job; the very thing they are designed to do can also degrade performance. Oils in your skin help keep it smooth and supple but will rub off on the glass when you touch it with your skin (fingers, palm, etc.); this includes moisture from sweat and sometimes… dirt. You cannot always see them but these deposits build up on the glass and partially block the ability to detect touches. Regular cleaning of the glass surface with an approved method can fix most of these problems and have your tablet working as good as new.

Sometimes when I try to Undo, nothing happens.

People who see an Undo for the first time, don’t immediately realize that it is actually a touch gesture. That’s because it is not clear that you have to touch the surface at all since it looks a lot like a wave; this “hand waving” makes it look like a magic trick! No, it’s not magic, you do have to lightly touch the surface.

Sometimes, an Undo gesture may not register with the tablet but a lot of times what happens it that, as we write, we also make very tiny strokes that are so small that we don’t see them and are simply not aware that they are there. Then an Undo, removes it but we don’t notice that anything has happened because we do not notice a change.