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Software Bulletin Board

Enticio™ Write was initially released with no defects, however, dealing with change is unavoidable in software and too often, that joy is short-lived; in addition to the changes to improve Enticio Write, Apple has an army of people working to improve iOS. As you know, Apple uses an “evergreen” model of software releases and limits support for older versions and therefore, we are always moving forward. Our support goal is to always make sure that the app is working well with the latest version of iOS and therefore, there may be a period of time after a new release where there can be problems. We appreciate when our users post issues and let us know when they run into problems, big and small.

So, in the spirit of getting better at this, this Board will allow you to post public questions and we can all learn and share together. In order to keep the information relevant, older posts will get removed as things fill up since our focus will be on the latest problems people are running into. Enjoy.



  1. There was an issue with iOS 12 which has been fixed in version 1.5; see the FAQ for instructions on how to see the version number.
  2. Apple has released a followup to iOS 12 to fix additional issues. Some people may be seeing behaviors where the app just goes away but doesn’t crash. Instead, it gets moved to the background but is still running. This behavior has been seen when running the latest version of the app with an older version of iOS. The solution is to update iOS on your device; currently, we recommend Entico Write 1.5 on iOS 12.1 or later.

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  1. Klittle Klittle says:

    I just tried my first email, but when I click on the eagle the app closes without opening an email page. Is there a fix for this?

    • admin admin says:

      Thank you for the report. You simply have an old version of the app. This was discovered as a result of Apple’s release of iOS 12 and the update fixes that problem.

  2. jimandjim jimandjim says:

    I cannot get the app to work at all. Can you please assist me. I have watched the how to videos but that has not helped.

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