Category: Founder Notes

Thinking about You

First off, thanks for stopping by. This is the place to come for News and Information about Enticio Write and the various “goings-on” that we want to share with you. Note that while this is primarily a one-man show (for now), I often use the royal “we” in the sense that there are others that…
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At Enticio, we enjoy using keyboards of all kinds but we reject the long history of public shaming when it comes to handwriting. We believe this trend was fueled by a general migration to the keyboard for all communication. As with most trends, we confuse “can” with “should” and no one stopped to ask about…
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A “Thank You” Story

The genesis of Enticio Write™ started with an idea that has resulted in the creation of two companies, some patents and products that have taken years to develop; much of which has yet to see the light of day. I love tablets and while I was working on that other stuff, I also wanted to…
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