A “Thank You” Story

The genesis of Enticio Write™ started with an idea that has resulted in the creation of two companies, some patents and products that have taken years to develop; much of which has yet to see the light of day. I love tablets and while I was working on that other stuff, I also wanted to find something that could stand as an example of Enticio™ as a design ethic. I tend to think of myself as a designer first and a technologist second and since part of my history includes software engineering, a tablet app seemed like the perfect fit for what I wanted to do. As a creative, I tend to lean toward minimalism and I had this idea of what an Enticio Write app could be. But once I started designing, it took on a life of its own and the concept retained its simplicity but became the more refined, enabling technology that it is today. A critical moment was the realization that no one was doing anything quite like this and that the idea of handwritten email made an idea that seemed to be forgotten… new again.

This app redefines the role of software in our lives, how we design it and how we use it. The basic design aesthetic was about removing as much of the abstraction as possible, while removing bloat and complexity. By carefully considering the impact of every feature, the app was becoming an important piece of a much larger view of the role of technology in our lives. And when it was finally ready, I couldn’t see any reason to hold it back so I released it and it has been wonderful. I am keeping a low profile right now, while I continue to work on all the other stuff that is coming. I am being deliberately ambiguous right now, but once we launch, I probably won’t shut up about it. When that happens, you will see something new, something awesome, and everything will make even more sense. Despite the quiet, someone seems to be talking about it so I encourage you to send a Handimail™ to everyone you know; join the revolution and spread the word! We are loading up for the next salvo.

Anyway, I am happy to report that Enticio Write™ continues to sell well on the App Store and I just wanted to say, “Thanks” to you for making that possible. This steady progress has been surprising, and a bit unexpected. I was seeing that people were creating accounts here but I thought they were just bots… then I checked in with iTunes and I saw that people were picking up their own copies! Yippee!

This thing that I have been working toward launching should be ready to for a public unveiling early in 2019. This is something that will be intuitive and complementary to Enticio Write; and because it’s Enticio, you will already know how to use it and yet it will give you new experiences to do things that you may not have thought possible. So, stay tuned and keep creating! Send Handimail™ to everyone you know.

… and Thank You. 


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