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Enticio™ Write Privacy Policy

We will make this as simple is we can. We do not collect data on you; we do not track you. There is no registration and there is no account associated with the app; this is why you do not have to log in to Enticio Write™ when you use the app.  Just to be…
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A “Thank You” Story

The genesis of Enticio Write™ started with an idea that, so far, has resulted in the creation of two companies, a bunch of patents and some products that have taken (literally) years to develop. I love tablets and while I was working on that other stuff, I also wanted to find something that could serve…
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Software Bulletin Board

Enticio™ Write was initially released with no defects, however, dealing with change is unavoidable in software and too often, that joy is short-lived; in addition to the changes to improve Enticio Write, Apple has an army of people working to improve iOS. As you know, Apple uses an “evergreen” model of software releases and limits…
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